Hotel Bambou: a family history

Hotel Bambou: a family history
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The adventure began in the 1960s when Ginette and André RIVÉTI opened Miami Plage, the first name of the hotel, taken from their memorable stays in Florida.

At the time, the establishment had only 6 rooms. Atypical bungalows made of wood, in a green garden facing the Caribbean Sea.

Miami Plage is known to locals for its festive atmosphere on weekends and its open-air cinema.

In 1980, the hotel acquired 34 more rooms, until one of the RIVÉTI sons, Raymond, took over the family business. 

Over the years, Raymond put all his love and effort into this company, which he named Hôtel Bambou, growing from 40 to 56, then 118, 156 until reaching 193 rooms.

The “small hotel” was then transformed into a real resort offering standard and premium rooms, two swimming pools, two bars, three restaurants, flower gardens, a shop, a concierge and a spa.

If there is one thing that has not changed during all this time, it is the architecture of its bungalows. It has remained intact, despite the wind of modernity that has blown over the hotel. And it makes Bamboo an essential address in Martinique.

Today, Raymond RIVÉTI works as a manager. You will be able to see him and greet him every morning sitting at a lunch table to observe if all goes well for his visitors. He is accompanied by his wife, Françoise in the management of the hotel.

But in addition to the fact that the couple is fully invested in this corner of paradise, Bamboo can count on a long-standing team. Some members have worked for 30 years in the hotel. Others are the second generation to have worked here.

The family therefore extends beyond the blood, it is also in the heart.

Come join this beautiful gang during your next stay in the sun!

“My primary interest is and will always be to welcome you with joy and above all to offer you the maximum to satisfy you. Your satisfaction is my priority.”

Raymond RIVÉTI.

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