Discovering good Martinican cuisine

Discovering good Martinican cuisine
Saturday, June 10, 2023


When you think of Martinique, it's hard not to think of Creole gastronomy.

As an island with multicultural origins, its cuisine is obviously as colourful, varied and authentic.

The richness of its fauna and flora offers a wide range of fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish which make it possible to make as many traditional sweet and savory dishes.

 Martinican cuisine is full of dishes ready to awaken your taste buds. Generous in spices and very tasty you are sure to travel to the Caribbean from the first bites.

At Hotel Bambou, we are committed to helping you discover the different flavors of our beautiful Caribbean island.
From appetizer to dessert, every day you are invited to discover a festival of flavors.

To give you a taste of our culinary richness, here are 5 mythical specialties of Martinique, other than the accras and the Creole sausage, appreciated by Martinicans and travelers.


Of Indian origin, Colombo is a mixture of traditional West Indian spices: turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, pepper, cloves, cumin, mustard seeds and garlic. Recognizable by its yellow color, it is often confused with curry. However, Colombo offers a unique flavor in the mouth, certainly less spicy than its cousin curry. It is found in the dishes most cooked by Martinican families and especially in the indian community.

To prepare it, all you have to do is simmer the previously seasoned meat such as chicken, cabrit (goat), pork or fish, add the essential ingredient, namely powder or Colombo paste and traditionally potatoes. The dish is simply eaten with good white rice. And was at the time served on banana leaves.

Try this recipe by clicking here

Le féroce d'avocat (The Fierce Avocado)

You are certainly a fan of avocado, this food that grows like a fruit but is eaten like a vegetable, wearing a beautiful green color with a slightly sweet and creamy yellow interior.
The avocado is the favorite accompaniment of (almost) all Martinicans and this with all kinds of dishes. This is why many of them have an avocado tree in their garden.Once the season has arrived, between August and December, you will not be able to ignore its presence on the sides of the roads or in the grocery stores.

In Martinique, the avocado is also used in a typical and authentic starter called the fierce d'avocat. It consists of cassava flour, avocado and lightly desalted cod, flavored with vegetarian or hot peppers and served with a fresh cucumber salad.
It is said that in the past workers in the fields consumed it for breakfast before going to work.

The recipe here.


The conch, a mollusc that is found in a shell with a pink and pearly interior, called a conch, is present in the waters of the Antilles. Once cleaned and beaten (tenderized), the conch is a real delight, melting in the mouth and with a good iodized taste. Victim of its success, its fishing is highly regulated for both professional fishermen and boaters. This very popular mollusk can be cooked in several forms: raw in tartare and carpaccio, grilled, on a skewer or in a fricassee (stewed). It's a little culinary gem served in virtually all restaurants and snack bars in Martinique with potato fries, rice, salad, local vegetables and gratin.

The recipe here.

La sauce chien.

Otherwise known as Creole sauce, "la sauce chien" is a must that you will find in a majority of dishes in Martinique. This sauce composed of parsley, onions, country onions (green onion), lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, oil, vegetarian pepper and tomato (optional) takes its name from a popular brand of knives in the French West Indies: the dog knife . Well seasoned, it is eaten mainly on the grill and therefore goes perfectly with grilled or smoked chicken, conch, fish and lobster. It will be offered to you in almost all the tables on the island, directly on your food or in a small separate container. The dog sauce is the typical Martinican touch that makes all the difference.

The recipe here.

Coconut flan

To end on a sweet note, it would be impossible not to mention this dessert which marks Martinican cuisine every time. Coconut flan is served for any occasion. It is made from coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, cinnamon and lime zest.

Coconut is one of the most common fruits in Martinique. This fruit from the coconut tree has many virtues, you will find in abundance all over the island. To pick it, you have to climb to the top of the coconut tree and grab the coconut clusters. Be careful that these do not break during your picking at the risk that you will lose its good drink known throughout the world: coconut water, as thirst-quenching as it is vitaminized. After harvesting its water, you can split (cut in half) the coconut in order to eat its gelatinous and sweet cream locally called "nan-nan". For the manufacture of grated coconut or coconut milk, the coconut is left to age then its interior is mixed, filtered.

If you want to bring some color back to your desserts and feel like you're in the sun, follow this recipe step by step. You will let us know!

Martinique has many culinary specialties due to its history and its miscegenation. On the menu: flavors, colors, spices and generosity.
While waiting to come and taste our good local cuisine, try these different recipes!
And if you come to visit us very soon, be ready to awaken your taste buds with our restaurants at Hotel Bambou.

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