The 5 most beautiful beaches in the south of Martinique

The 5 most beautiful beaches in the south of Martinique
Wednesday, June 1, 2022


If there is one thing to see in Martinique, It's its beaches!

Undeniably beautiful, each in their own way, they can be discovered without moderation. Some are famous and attract visitors and locals, others are more secret and are home to magnificent spots.

One thing is certain, it is that sea bathing and tanning sessions are two activities that should please you!

Here is our list of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the south of the island.

#1 - Anse Dufour at Anses d'Arlet

Nestled in the heart of a small fishing village, Anse Dufour beach is accessible after a short 5-minute walk.

Its turquoise water and fine sand make it a place of great beauty.

The small beach is known for its calm, its typical side and its sea turtles which roam peacefully.

#2 - The Salines in Sainte-Anne

Salines beach is the most famous beach on the island and certainly the most visited.

Its relief, with its 3km strip of golden sand and its countless coconut trees, each higher than the other, is worthy of a postcard and 100% Instagrammable.

Better to discover it during the week for a quieter moment and traffic-free access.

#3 - Anse Michel in Sainte-Anne

Protected by a coral reef, Anse Michel beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Trace des Caps hiking trail.

It attracts kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

However, it is a wonderful spot for families with on one side a sumptuous coconut grove with picnic tables and on the other a translucent and very shallow sea.

#4 - Anse Mitan in Trois-Ilets

Anse Mitan beach, in front of the Hôtel Bambou, is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Trois-Ilets.

Renowned for the quality of its crystal clear waters, its quay allowing beautiful dives and its nautical activities such as jet ski, paddle board and parasailing, it is also accessible by boat with Vedettes Tropicales company, from the capital-city Fort-de-France.

#5 - The Grande Anse at Anses d'Arlet

The Bay of Grande Anse beach is a long beach of blond sand, highly coveted for its restaurants mixing local and French cuisine.

On the menu: cod fritters, fresh fish and grilled seafood from the fishing village, fruity cocktails with your feet in the hot sand.

And to further immerse yourself in this superb setting, you will appreciate the colorful houses that line the beach.

All these beaches are accessible free of charge throughout the year.

Another reason to enjoy it!

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