When is the best time to travel to Martinique?

When is the best time to travel to Martinique?
Saturday, May 13, 2023


This is a question that comes up very frequently and to which the answer is very simple!

It is good to live in Martinique all year round. It is therefore possible to come and discover the island of flowers in all seasons.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, in the heart of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique has a tropical climate.


Far from the four seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer, the French island of the Lesser Antilles actually has only two marked seasons.
The first is the dry season called "Lent" and extends from December to April. The second is regent in rainy weather, between July and October.

Things being well done, the rains and very big storms spare the island by chance.

However, Martinique enjoys substantially identical temperatures all year round, an average of 25 degrees Celsius with peaks of up to 33 degrees Celsius.

Highlights all year round

Other than the climate, Martinique has many highlights during the year. Each month is marked by a tradition, a custom, a celebration, one or more major events.
In February or March, the Carnival of Martinique often takes place, one of the most beautiful and atypical in the world. It is absolutely necessary to discover a carnival in Martinique at least once in your life.
In April, Martinicans celebrate Easter around local dishes made from crabs caught directly on the land of the island, many people enjoy their dishes on the beaches with their families.
The months of July and August welcome the Caribbean and international music festivals, the famous Tout des Yoles, this unmissable sailing boat race on the island, the Martinique Cycling Tour to encourage runners in their escape, the "garden parties "with local music groups that bring together a good number of ambiancers.
Finally, in December, the island celebrates Christmas as it should around good dishes prepared with love. The pig is the specialty of the holiday season in Martinique.

As you will have understood, each time of the year is one more reason to visit Martinique.

So no more excuses to visit us at any time of the year!

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