How to come to Martinique ?

How to come to Martinique ?
Monday, May 22, 2023



Lovers of the sun, beautiful beaches and nature getaways? Martinique is made for you!

This French Caribbean island can be discovered both by taste with its delicately spicy and colorful flavors with French, Indian and Creole influences, and by sight with its landscapes of immense beauty.

Only 4h30 from Montreal, you can easily reach Martinique by air.

Throughout with Air Canada

Up to 5 flights per week are offered from Montreal and for a few weeks from Toronto to go to Martinique.

The island is served all year round by the Canadian national company.

And since Martinique can be discovered in all seasons, you can go there from January to December to take advantage of the various highlights and major events on the island: Carnival (February or March), Tour of the round skiffs (July/August ), Christmas, Easter...

In 4h30 flight to Montreal and 7h from Toronto, Martinique is waiting for you!


Visit Martinique from November to April with Air Transat

With 2 to 3 flights per week, it is also possible to arrive in Martinique with the airline Air Transat from November to April.

This season is known as the hottest on the island.

One where the climate can be dry and temperatures can reach 33 degrees Celsius.


And to complete the start of your stay at the Hotel Bambou, note that the flights offered by the two airlines take off around 8 a.m., which allows you to land in the early afternoon in Martinique and to still enjoy the beautiful sunny day!



In summary, Martinique is a place very well served from Canada.

You will then have the advantage of offering yourself a vacation in the south, in the sun, towards a safe, French-speaking destination only a few kilometers from your home.

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