10 wonderful reasons to go to Martinique

10 wonderful reasons to go to Martinique
Thursday, August 25, 2022


Located in the West Indian Sea, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Martinique offers a tropical landscape worthy of a postcard

If you are planning to travel to Martinique or are hesitating to come and visit this little jewel of the Caribbean, here are 10 wonderful reasons that are sure to seduce you!

The sun within 5 hours

Take advantage of direct flights from Montreal to fly to Martinique. In just under 5 hours, you will arrive at Aimé Césaire international airport and start your vacation under the Caribbean sun.

A tropical climate

Defined by warm temperatures around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun dominates throughout the year on the island. The sea offers baths around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A sunny climate that allows you to fill up on vitamin D!

A little piece of France

Despite its geolocation more than 5000 miles across the Atlantic, Martinique is a French department. Its culture reflects a mixture of civilizations, including France. In the past, the town of Saint-Pierre, in the north of the island, was even nicknamed “Little Paris”.

A French-speaking island

Yes, its affiliation to France makes the island of flowers a French-speaking territory. Here, everyone speaks French, so you will be perfectly comfortable to speak to the local population. And you can, who knows, learn a few words in Creole, the second language spoken on the island.

Caribbean influences

Martinique is a mixed island resulting from different origins: Creole, African, Indian, South American and European. A cosmopolitan culture that gives it a strong identity in diverse aspects: generous gastronomy like the colombo, colorful festivities like Carnival, lively music like zouk, folk dances like biguine or bèlè...

Breathtaking landscapes

Martinique stretches from north to south over 49 miles and from east to west over 18 miles, with the north between sun, sea and mountains you will not be disappointed. Martinique offers breathtaking landscapes. Montagne Pelée, Pitons du Carbet in the north, the beautiful Bay of Fort de France in the center, Salines beach, Rocher du Diamant, Baignoire de Joséphine in the south. All these places that you will have to discover.

From the sea to the river

From the famous white sand beaches of the South to the atypical black sand beaches of the North, the island has more than a hundred beaches over its entire area, to the delight of all! However, this is not the only wealth of the island, since there are 161 rivers of mountains, plains and mangroves allowing cold and refreshing baths in the middle of nature. So, are you more freshwater or saltwater?

Outdoors activities for all the family

Martinique is a destination to be discovered! A land of adventures! It is therefore impossible to spend more than a day locked up in a hotel room. Most discoveries in Martinique are outdoors. The best program: hikes in the rainforest, boat trips, fishing, glass-bottom kayaking, scuba diving, encounters with dolphins and turtles, tree climbing, 4-wheel outings... Activities for all ages!

A friendly population

The Martinican population reflects its history: multicultural, with inhabitants of Indian, African and European origins. But if there is one thing that is often said about us, it is our sense of hospitality, our generosity, and our warm side. You will enjoy meeting those who build the island.

The opportunity to stay at Hôtel Bambou!

If you are looking for relaxation and a change of scenery, welcome to Hôtel Bambou! Comfortably installed in your thematic bungalow, surrounded by a dazzling garden of plants, flowers and tropical fruits on one side and the Caribbean Sea just a few steps away on the other side, you will discover Martinique from every angles.

The list is still long, but it is sure that these 10 wonderful reasons will certainly give you reason to come and discover our beautiful Martinique!

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