Traveling to Martinique in April.

Traveling to Martinique in April
Wednesday, April 5, 2023


April is here and you wonder if it's a good time to come to Martinique?

The answer is absolutely YES!

 Here are 5 reasons why discovering Martinique in April is a very good idea.




Discover 5 reasons that will push you to know Martinique in April.

A perfect climate.

April is a hot month, sometimes very hot, with few rainy days. The air temperature averages 29 degrees Celsius with days at 32 degrees Celsius. The sea offers good baths at 27 degrees Celsius. In other words, the perfect temperatures for a holiday in the south.

Easter and its traditions.

Easter is one of the most popular celebrations in Martinique. In addition to its religious side, Martinicans have mores that do not exist anywhere else.

Indeed, Easter is synonymous with family days at the beach and especially crabbing. Every year, at the same time, enthusiasts go hunting for land crabs. It usually lives on the coasts of beaches, mangroves and swamps. To capture it, it is necessary to bring "ratières" (wooden traps) placed on the burrows. Crab hunting is so popular that its capture, sale and purchase are regulated on the island. If you are in Martinique at this time, you should encounter roadside vendors with their hundreds of crabs.


Let's eat!

Once the crabs are hunted, they will be fed and cleaned in order to eat them. Two culinary specialties are found on the large tables on Sunday and Easter Monday.

First comes the crab fricassee: crab simmers in a mixture of oil, local spices, onions, garlic, parsley, green onion, tomato, bay leaf, lemon, crab fat and green mango. The second recipe is that of the mythical crab "Matoutou" which follows the same base as the fricassee with the addition of curry powder or colombo, bacon and mixed long rice. Real delights to taste in many Martinican restaurants.



Attractive rates.

Once the 15th of April has passed, Martinique enters the low tourist season. Traveler numbers are starting to dwindle, so you're sure to have the island almost to yourself. The prices are also more attractive and therefore lower.

Currently, Hotel Bambou is offering a 20% discount for stays in April, May, June, early July, late August, September and October 2023 on half board (breakfast and dinner).

What a great way to enjoy Martinique!



Several flights per week from Montreal.

As since December, Air Canada and Air Transat between them offer 4 to 5 flights per week (Tuesday to Sunday) departing from Montreal P.E Trudeau airport.

All flights are direct and last between 4h30 to 5h.


Convinced to come and visit us in April?

Our whole team will be happy to help you discover our beautiful Martinique!



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